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by SeraphGuard/SnakeVersusCrane

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Mario Morataya DKGA's resident tale-weaver delivers exactly what the title states - exploring life, love, science fiction and science fact. Short they may be, however the vivid execution of each tale reminds me of a Gza lyric "Half short, twice strong". Highlights the emcee in great form. Showcasing his lyrical genius for crafting worlds out of his words. Highly entertaining masterpiece from page one onwards, encouraging you to press rewind and re-live the experience of each story and the author's intentions Favorite track: Cosmosis (Feat. Morning Star).
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A Concept Album Where Every Verse Tells A Story.

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released October 11, 2012

All Beats Produced By SnakeVersusCrane (Except The Bonus Track).
Featured Artists: The DreadKnaut Ghost Army (Morning Star, Hourglass, Dictator, Great White Shark & White Lotus), Melox, Stranded & Killer Falcon.
Scratches By DJ Chill Shorty (Tracks 2, 4 & 9).
Artwork By TCG.



all rights reserved


SeraphGuard Vancouver, British Columbia

SG Of The DreadKnaut Ghost Army (DKGA), Part Of The White Lotus Society.

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Track Name: Uncut (Feat. Morning Star)
SG Verse:
He Couldn't GET THIS/ INFECTIOUS/ Rusty Drum TETANUS/ Beat Out Of His Hollow Head, His Mom Said He Was RESTLESS/ TV Blaring DEATH WISH/ Using An Empty Lighter To Crack His GUINNESS EXTRAS/ Pulling From A Binder Of UNFINISHED LECTURES/ His Lines Were POIGNANT IMPRESSIONS/ He Was Dodging The LOAN SHARK// Couldn't Pay The PHONE CHARGE// Kept Loke, AVOIDING The COLLECTORS/ "I'll Scratch You Off My HIT LIST"/ He SAID THIS/ And ADDRESSED THIS/ Towards The Mic, The Mic Aimed To Where His CHEST IS/ Smoking A Bowl With His LAST MATCH/ He Had A Baggie Of Roaches, But Forgot Where He STASHED THAT/ Nothing Left From His LAST SACK/ So He Smoked The ASH BLACK/ Stepped Back Inside, Spit A FAST RAP/ One Take, The Beer Spilt, The GLASS CRACKED/ Bearing The Face Of A Dictator On His T-SHIRT/ Stood Spitting Till His FEET HURT/ Most Will Never Recognize The Nuances Of EACH WORK/ He Was FOCUSED MAN// Dims The Light On His LOTUS LAMP// Before He SPEAKS WORTH/ His Dad Yelling At Him To "Go EAT FIRST!"/ He Wrote RAPS// As Cute As A BABY'S BONNET/ Next TRACK// Describing The Destruction Of DEFREITAS COMET/ And Some Other Shit That MADE ME VOMIT/ He Was CRAZY ON IT/ His CLEVER STEADY FLOW// Was Dark As A CEMETERY CROW// Sounded Like Something... MAYBE ONYX?/ A Nobody Who Would ADORN The ART/ The Way He Would Use His Words To WARM Your HEART/ Stayed Stuck Spitting In A SWARM Of DARTS/ His Words Would Never Be TORN APART/ That Was The Night He Was BORN The GUARD/ The Very Moment His MIND// Physically ALIGNED// With The MORNING STAR/
MS Verse:
The Last Time I Saw The Homie We Talked About How The Business Was DYING/ Those At The Top Were Still Collecting Royalties While The Rest Were Reminiscing And CRYING/ About The Golden AGE/ They Were Spewing On The RAGE/ Of Downloads, Free Albums And EPs/ No GREASE/ To Make In Rap MUSIC/ Because Motherfuckers Took It Way Too Far When They ABUSED IT/ And Raped It And Pimped It, But His Soul Was GOLDEN/ Never FOLDING/ Even THOUGH THE/ Race Had No END/ No MEND/ For The Hole In His HEART/ The Thirst To Rip A Mic Twenty Ways APART/ The ART/ Was Dominated, But His Mind Ran Rampant And Wild, The Streets Was Empty From COMPETITORS/ He Had Slashed Every Last Word They Spit Like An Asphalt EDITOR/ But He Would See No PAPER/ Way LATER/ In The Night His Mood Was TURNING/ The Reefer Was All Out, He Had Cigarette Butts That He Kept Chain BURNING/ I Told Him, "Straight Up, Get A Job And Pay Your Mom Some RENT/ Because You're Hell BENT/ On Nothing, Go And Listen To The RADIO/ The Skills You Drop Are Way Above Any Single Thing They PLAYING YO!/ Keep Rhyming Till You Die, But Get Your Shit STRAIGHT"/ He Couldn't WAIT/ For Me To Finish And Was Off, Turned Left Down To The Alley, He Said The Rhymes Were Not His, That They Were All SENT/ He Didn't Say How Or Where From, But I Think I Know What He MEANT/
Track Name: Creative Control
Verse 1:
He Was Told He Was The DOPEST/ A Closet CLAUSTROPHOBIC/ LOCKED// In A BOX// And Couldn't Get It OPEN/ Antiquated, Still Sounding Like His OLD SHIT/ DROPPED// Into An Anaphylactic SHOCK// Started COMATOSING/ He Reached For His Epinephrine DOSAGE/ His Life Flashed Before His Eyes In That MOMENT/ His Throat SWOLLEN/ Constricted As The Effect SOAKED IN/ He Began CHOKING/ But The Neighbours, They Didn't Seem To NOTICE/ When HE Was YOUNGER/ He Would SPEAK With THUNDER/ He Stood Upside DOWN// From The GROUND// That He's Now Buried UNDER/ With Concern His Parents Would WONDER/ If He Would Become A Success Or A BLUNDER/ If He Would Achieve His Potential Or Crash ASUNDER/ I Guess That's A Matter Of PERSPECTIVE/ Because He Born ACCEPTED/ As The Voice Of A Generation By The COLLECTIVE/ Parents OVERPROTECTIVE/ Because He Was EPILEPTIC/ But He Was An ECLECTIC/ DEFECTIVE/ Who Could Satisfy The Most SELECTIVE/ SKEPTIC/
Verse 2:
A TORTURED GENIUS/ He'd Pluck At Your Heart Strings Like An AWKWARD SEAMSTRESS/ Connecting With The Youth Because He Would TALK Through SPEAKERS/ Unhealthy Obsession With A MORBID CLEANNESS/ A Puppet To Some, Rag Dolled By These FORTUNE SEEKERS/ Left His ORCHARDS LEAFLESS/ Branded On A Pair Of AWFUL SNEAKERS/ Shipped To The STORES IN EASTER/ The Consumer Response Was OFF The METER/ He Would TORCH The CHEEBA/ After A Freak Accident Had SCORCHED His FEATURES/ But It Doesn't Matter Anymore Because Now He WALKS With JESUS/ Rasp Voice Made The CHORUS DEEPER/// Whistling With A LOOSE TOOTH/ When He SPILT, MAD CHILLS// Kept Rhyming Like His USED TO/ He STILL HAD SKILLS// Was Never Into The WHOSE WHO/ But He Could KILL AT WILL// Studying With The Dog In The Basement Like BLUE'S CLUES/ He Would SWILL His FILL// As His Dependence To BOOZE GREW/ An Unexpected Split Was The Cause For His BEMUSED VIEWS/ Long After Life Had LOST ITS THRILLS// POPPING PILLS// He Died ALONE/// At HOME/// Surrounded By A Swarming Circus Of NEWS CREWS/
Verse 3:
With His SILENT ANGER/ He'd COMPILE// With STYLE// A VIOLENT BANGER/ Heard Reciting Classic Verses At His Private ISLAND HANGAR/ When The CRITICS// INSISTED// It's TIME To HANG UP/ He Only Switched His RHYMING SLANG UP/ Became As Aggressive As A FLYING SPANNER/ All His Closest Friends Were RAISED Without FATHERS/ So He Felt The STRANGEST Of CALMNESS/ With His Dad His Heart REARRANGING It's ARMOUR/ He Felt Like ESCAPING NIRVANA/ Because He Was Tired Of TAMING The PIRANHAS/ Who Keep PREYING UPON US/ Felt He Was SAVING The HONEST/ He Kept AT IT/ Like Multiple Hacks From A Bloody HATCHET/ He Had An AMAZING HABIT/ Of Producing A CREATIVE RACKET/ Sampled Garbage CAN LIDS// Used Fish Lens CAMERAS// His Last Album Was Self-Titled "The MAVERICK"/ They Said He Was NEVER The SAME/ When Sales Dropped Down To Only TEN PERCENT Of Their AIM/ He Was Told It Was The END Of HIS REIGN/ It's A SHAME/ Because He Died And They MADE/ More Off His NAME/ Than He Had Ever Been PAID/ His Memory Became A Book And Then Adapted Into A GAME/
Track Name: The Flying Dutchman (Feat. Hourglass)
HG Verse:
We Embarked On What Would Be Our LAST VOYAGE/ From The Start We Ignored The Warnings The DRAFT WARDED/ Reality DISTORTED/ The Waters LITTERED// With Wood SPLINTERS// And Whatever The CRAFT BOARDED/ I Tried To LAST Till MORNING/ But The Stars Were TOO SLOW/ The Seas RAGED// ENCAGED// And Formed Our TOMBSTONE/ My Face Only Seen Under The MOON'S GLOW/ Seeing Things That Only The DOOMED KNOW/ DreadKnaut POLTERGEIST/ Stimulate Volcanoes And Erupt MOLTEN ICE/ Any Door Forcibly OPENED TWICE/ Is A MISTAKE// ROLL The DICE/ And Face The Glare From A SNAKE// The Past Is Where I LEAVE GUILT/ Passing Time As The LEAVES WILT/ Was It All Meant To Be Or Does The Pattern WEAVE AS IT WILLS/ Time HOLDING STILL/ The Pillaging Providing GOLDEN FILLS/ From All The STOLEN GIL/ RAVAGE Your Village And Burn Down EVERY HOME/ SAVAGES Paying An Eternal Debt To DAVY JONES/
SG Verse:
They Put Me On This Ship, But I Was NEVER Their SLAVE/ We Sailed By With Speed, Always AHEAD Of The WAVES/ Until Half Of The Crew Ended Up DEAD In A DAY/ I CRIED// And Looked To The SKIES// With My EYES// Set HEAVEN ABLAZE/ We Anchored At An ISLAND Housing A Makeshift CEMETERY// Trying To Read What Was SAID On Their GRAVES/ The Captain WILDING When A SNAKE BIT His HEAD SQUARELY// I REMEMBER His FACE/ Because He Died Instantly Bearing A MENACING GAZE/ I Was So SCARED Of This PLACE/ The Quartermaster Lost It, All He Could Do Is STARE Into SPACE/ I Couldn't JAR HIS/ EYES// I Held Him As He DIED// In My ARMS QUICK/ I Saw Beings That RESIDE In The DARKNESS/ Come To The Light, One Would SLIDE Off The HARNESS/ Of An Apocalyptic Horse With Its EYES Full Of CARNAGE/ It Was The NIGHT// That My SIGHT// Had Been TARNISHED/ From The Scenes I Had Seen, But The Images Are Still In My MIND And Have HARDENED/ Like The LIES And The GARBAGE/ Disregarded By The WISE And The HEARTLESS/ Truth Be Told, We Felt Like FLIES To A CARCASS/ Shocked Numb From The Constant Psychological BOMBARDMENTS/ In An INTIMATE// STATE Of SHOCK/ I Saw Time, The INFINITE// CHASED By CLOCKS/ I Saw Giant Planets From SPACE JUST DROP/ I Thought I Even Saw The FACE Of GOD/ From Above I Was Watching Our Bodies Just WASTE And ROT/ As We Illuminated The Night, Our Souls DRAPED In CLOTH/ I Don't Think It Was An Option Whether We Would ESCAPE Or NOT/ And My Physical Will Never Get That Bitter TASTE To STOP/ Like The CELL MATES// Behind HELL'S GATES// Being RAPED By WROTH// Demons In The SHAPE Of COPS/ Instead I Found Myself CAPED In MOTH/ WINGS// Welcoming The SPRING// As We Haunt SAILORS ACROSS/ The Ocean Into The Night, SAIL Off In SWATHS/ Then Vanish Into The Sunrise Like The FRAILEST Of FROST/ Holding Onto Our Own Sorrowful TALES Of LOSS/
Track Name: Boxcutter (Feat. Dictator)
Dictator Verse:
At Home Half ASLEEP/ Thinking Of My Buddy STEVE/ And The Life He LEADS/ From Playing Ball On The High School TEAM/ To The College Days Tearing Up The SCENE/ Couldn't Pick A Single Girl As His QUEEN/ Running Around With Chicks In Their Late TEENS/ The Days CHANGED// When He Met JADE// And They Had A SEED/ She Was A DREAM/ But Steve Can't Handle His GREED/ His Lustful Ways, On His KNEES/ To Get Inside Another Woman's JEANS/ That's All He NEEDS/ Jade Ain't KEEN/ On Who He's Been SEEING/ Always LEAVING/ I Can't BELIEVE IT/ Cheating On A Beautiful Human BEING/ Can't Help But To Know What He's THINKING/ My Thoughts Interrupted By My Phone RINGING/ Picked Up, It Was Jade, You Could Tell She'd Been DRINKING/ "Vinny, Can You Come Out My Head Is SPINNING/ Don't Know What To Do And I Have Nobody To LISTEN"/ She REMARKED/ Her Voice Sounded As If Her HEART/ Was Stabbed With Something SHARP/ I Walked Outside Where She Was PARKED/ Got In The CAR/ Saw Her Face Drenched In The DARK/ Her Tears Resembled SCARS/ Without A Word We DASHED/ She Was Driving Too FAST/ But ALAS/ I Knew Where We Were HEADED/ Couldn't Cut The TENSION/ With A KNIFE/ She Stopped The Car And Turned Out The LIGHTS/ Right OUTSIDE/ One Of Steve's Many DELIGHTS/ She CRIED/ And Asked Me WHY/ Her Love Was Grown On LIES/ I TRIED/ To Wipe The Streams From Her EYES/ "Even Though Steves A Friend Of MINE/ Leave This GUY/ You'll SURVIVE/ And Have A Better LIFE"/ She SHUDDERED/ And STUTTERED/ I Wasn't Sure What She MUTTERED/ At That Point I Think I Always Had LOVED HER/ So I HUGGED HER/ Then One Thing Led To ANOTHER.../
SG Verse:
I Wasn't SURE// ANYMORE// If I Could TRUST HER/ Couldn't Remember The Last Time I Had TOUCHED HER/ Instead I Held A BOXCUTTER/ Home Alone Again For SUPPER/ Felt Like A FILTHY DUDE/ Because I Was GUILTY TOO// I Had CRAZY OTHERS/ Aside From My BABY'S MOTHER/ But That's What MADE ME LOVE HER/ I Knew There Was Someone Else, But Not Sure; Who Is This SHADY LOVER?/ I Suspected Her For Quite Some TIME NOW/ Until I REACHED// The PEAK// Of Mistrust And I Couldn't CLIMB DOWN/ Plus I Was Never The Type To Be TIED DOWN/ It Was Already NIGHT OUT/ Which Increased My MIND'S DOUBT/ Give This One Bitch A Call And SLIDE Into TOWN/ Truth Is I Wore My LIES As A CROWN/ So I Walked With My EYES On The GROUND/ She Opened The Door As I Stepped INSIDE With A FROWN/ I Started Lusting For The Her Body, Her Curves Wouldn't HIDE In Her GOWN/ I Could Feel The Blood INSIDE Of Me POUND/ We Got RIGHT Down To BUSINESS/ Her Well Toned Body Was TIGHT With FITNESS/ But I Was Playing Blind Like A SILENT WITNESS/ Because There I Was, Not With My WIFE, But With My MISTRESS/ On The NIGHT Of CHRISTMAS/ The SIGHT Was VICIOUS/ The SLIGHTEST KISS PRESSED/ Against The SIDE Of My RIPPED CHEST/ My MIND Was LISTLESS/ I Watched As She Took Her TIME Putting On Her SLICK DRESS/ I Picked My Clothes Off The Floor Rubbing My TEMPLE/ Wondering What I Got Myself INTO/ I Live In SIN TOO/ I Stepped Out, The Breeze Was GENTLE/ But What Do I See Parked Outside The House Of This THIN HOE/ None Other Than My Girl's RENTAL/ So I Walked Up, My Heart BEAT// INCREASED// Its TEMPO/ Getting SENTIMENTAL/ Because Through The Foggy WINDOWS/ I See VIN'S CLOTHES/
Track Name: Sleight Of Hand (Feat. Great White Shark)
SG Verse:
From Winning At KENO/ To Flying Out To The CASINOS/ Down In RENO/ With A Couple G-NOTES/ We Had To CREEP LOW/ Saw My Girl Through The PEEP HOLE/ Behind The Door I'm Calling My PEOPLE/ So We CREPT LOW/ Speaking In Sexual INNUENDOS/ Turned Off The NINTENDO/ I'm Doing It Because I SAID SO/ We Hopped On The NEXT FLIGHT/ I TEXT MIKE/ About To Have The BEST NIGHT/ Out The Limo Showing MY BARE BUTT/ We All Got The Same HAIRCUT/ Ed Hardy And Affliction Sweaters We WEAR, WHAT?/ Dropping JAGGER BOMBS/ A Couple Of Herbs TAGGED ALONG/ But DAMN IT'S ON/ CINNAMON WHISKEY/ FEELING A BIT RISKY/ Blood Rushing Like A BLITZKRIEG/ Sat Down Next To A Fat Dude In His FIFTIES/ My Gut Told Me To DOUBLE DOWN/ Oh Shit, We're In TROUBLE NOW/ I Could Really Use My Mother's CUDDLE/ Because I Thought I Blew My Whole BUNDLE/ Something Suspicious About The Dude With The SUBTLE BROW/ Because He Fucked Up The SHUFFLE SOMEHOW/ I Ain't Complaining, I Came Away With A COUPLE THOU/
GWS Verse:
Flying FROM The SCENE/ Rented Car FULL Of GREEN/ Just Got Out Of A BAR FIGHT/ It Was A HARD NIGHT/ I Beat The House TWICE By CHEATING/ My ADVICE: If You're Gonna Bring Your Own Cards Make Sure They All The Same TYPE/ I Pack LIGHT/ Because I Don't Like To Carry The BAGGAGE/ Unless I'm Carrying CABBAGE/ Off The CASINO/ Floor, Started Out Scheming CEE-LO/ Fooling FEEBLE/ FOOLS/ Learning TOOLS Of The TRADE/ JEWELS As SHARP As BLADES/ A POOL SHARK/ Quick With CARDS/ I Hit Them HARD/ In Their POCKETS/ WATCHES/ And GOLD CHAINS/ Thousands In POKER GAMES/ Now I'm Strolling In The Streets Of VEGAS/ Cashing OUTRAGEOUS/ Suits Getting TAKEN/ For Their BACON/ No FAKING/ Sat Down At A BLACKJACK/ Table With A FAT CAT/ Rocking My Lucky BLACK HAT/ Stacking My CASH FLAT/ In Cahoots With The DEALER/ She Glanced At Me FAST And HARD/ Didn't Deal Me The LAST CARD/ But She Ain't No SQUEALER/
Track Name: Xenophilic (Feat. Melox)
SG Verse:
"Pleased To MEET YOU/ Are You A Celestial Or An Evil CREATURE?"/ She Seemed To Be Pure Judging From Her Agreeable FEATURES/ I Wasn't Sure How To GREET HER/ She Asked If I Could BE HER TEACHER/ And That She Didn't Have Long Until She Would Have To Return To Her KEEPER/ So In A SWEET BLUR/ We Were Off To The Leaning Tower Of PISA/ Then The Pyramids In GIZA/ "Have You Seen The Lost City Of Atlantis?", "Nope", "Well, Me NEITHER"/ The SEA BIRDS/ SEEMED TO/ Especially INTRIGUED HER/ As The Craft Shifted Into Something With A SUBMARINE'S CURVES/ As We Submerged DEEPER/ I Couldn't Believe What I Was Seeing With My Own PEEPERS/ I Saw Natural Hot Springs Of Various Forms Of ETHERS/ She Asked What I Would Be Doing Right Now, I Said "Probably Blazing REEFER/ Sipping On A CESAR/ Or A MARGARITA"/ She Was Down For EITHER/ We Ended Up Back At The LAB// Checking Out My STABS// Which Clearly PLEASED HER/ We WATCHED FLICKS All Night By The HEATER/ Checking TOP PICKS By EBERT/ It SEEMS TO/ Feel Like I Really NEED HER/ So I Was Shocked To SEE HER/ FALL// Into A SMALL// SEIZURE/ And Break Into A FEVER/ She Said She's About To MEET THE/ REAPER/ She Placed One Hand On A LEVER/ And The Vessel Began To HEAT UP/ But Before She Faded To What Sounded Like A BEEPER/ She Said That "Between Living And Dying, Life Is CHEAPER/ And Between The Soul And Body, The Physical Is The Greatest CHEATER"/
Track Name: Cosmosis (Feat. Morning Star)
MS Verse:
The Light That Came From Beside The SEA/ That's How The Oldest Of The Old Said Our People Came To BE/ The Plumed Serpent Impregnated The Waters To Create The Dawn Of LIFE/ The Beginning Of What The Blind Perceived As STRIFE/ ARISE/ The Being, Heart Of The Sky Became Father, Heart Of The Earth Was Holy MOTHER/ Beyond That There Was No OTHER/ And Forth Came Those With Human TRACES/ The First People Were Wiped Away By The Gouger Of FACES/ Then Came The Twins Like Helix Intertwining CONSISTENT/ Defeating Every House Of The Underworld With Spiritual RESISTANCE/ And After Games Were Played, Ripped Hearts Grew Into Trees That Bore FRUIT/ Which SEDUCED/ The Daughter Of Darkness, The Fruit Spit SHOOT/ On Her HAND/ And Just Like That Another STRAND/ Of The Same Intertwining Pair Of SOULS/ That Protects My OWN By Perpetually Aligning With The Heavens
SG Verse:
We Saw The Seraphim Like The ANCIENT MARINERS/ We Weighted Upon Their Wings, SAFE, They CARRIED US/ We Stepped Off On To BLAZING CHARIOTS/ They Took Us To This AMAZING PLACE Without BARRIERS/ We Walked FOREVER, But They Never HARRIED US/ Our Talks Were CLEVER And To Say The Least Quite VARIOUS/ They Told Us Tales As Amazing As HARRIET'S/ They Told Us That They Were Sometimes Referred To As ALIENS/ Among Other ALIASES/ And That They BIRTHED// The FIRST// And Last ARYANS/ Some Of Whom Were Later Known As The SUMERIANS/ They Controlled The Matters Of Men Like MARIONETTES/ Before Returning Home On Their Intercelestial CARRIERS/ They Sniffed Out The LIGHT// LIKE// TERRIERS/ Then Planted Their Children In Those Selected AREAS/ And When The Time Was Right, They Would All Live And DIE VICARIOUS/ Some Would MARRY US/ But They Would All Live A Human Life In A State Of SALIENCE/
Track Name: Photographic Memory (Feat. Stranded & White Lotus)
Stranded Verse:
A Child Was BORN In VAIN/ Only For Her Mother To Die While She Was ON The WAY/ She CAME OUT// FACE DOWN// She Never SAW Her FACE/ She Aged Taking The BLAME/ For Why Her Father Was ABSORBED By PAIN/ Because She Was Ignorant To What Went ON In His BRAIN/ He Could Tell Her How He Was TORN Two Different WAYS/ By The JOY And The PAIN/ Joy For Her, PAIN/ For The Woman FROM Which She CAME/ But She Knew He Loved Her So She Would Never BELIEVE What He'd SAY/ So He Let Things Just BE AS They MAY/ It Wasn't Something That NEEDED To CHANGE/ Despite Their Despair The Love BETWEEN Them REMAINED/ He's Been On A Dark Journey Since That DAY/ Seeing Her In That COFFIN Sparked An Eternal FLAME/ He Thought Of Her OFTEN And Drifted AWAY/ The Harder He Focused, The Further He STRAYED/ He Left The Planet, But Visited On A Regular BASE/ To Mourn At Her GRAVE/ In Silence For There Were No Amount Of Words He Could SAY/ To Soothe His Soul Or To EXPLAIN/ How He Felt Borderline To INSANE/ He Read Her Book, But Never Got To The Last PAGE/ And He Was Far More Than A Chapter AWAY/ The Pages Abandoned When She Passed AWAY/ There Was So Much He Had To SAY/ But He Always Bit His Tongue Now He'll Never Get Rid Of The AFTERTASTE/ Never Will The Emptiness EVAPORATE/ His Heart Broken Never To HEAL/ It Was Only Held Together By His Daughter's WILL...// Both WOMEN/ Make Him Feel The Same, But It's DIFFERENT/ Because His Daughters A Constant Reminder Of What He's MISSING/ Looking At Her Hurt Just As MUCH AS It DIDN'T/ An Unknown Force DOUBLED His VISION/ It Was Blurred, But He Saw Her And Her MOTHER IN IT/ He Would Close His Eyes To SHUT OUT The IMAGE/ But That Only Made It Much More VIVID/
SG Verse:
It Was In A LOCKET He Kept As A MEMENTO/ Put It In The Front POCKET Of An OLD RENTAL/ Under His VEST// Lay His Naked STRESS// He Would ROCK IT As A STENCIL/ Plus It Was A Big EVENT TOO/ Flying Economy Class, CONTINENTAL/ About To Land, Filling Out The Custom Card With A SHORTENED PENCIL/ He Had Never Spoken To Her Before Even Though He Had ALWAYS MEANT TO/ Not Sure Of What Was About To ENSUE/ He Held Tightly To The Invitation That Came OUT Of The BLUE/ Wrapped In A RIBBON// GLITTERED// And Then POWDERED With GLUE/ He Planned To Take Her Out And AROUND To The ZOO/ Thought He Could Make It All Up To Her, But Then He DOUBTED It TOO/ He Had Been Granted The GIFT Of MERCY/ Never Thought He'd Again See The FACE Of COMPASSION// But On This TRIP To JERSEY/ MAYBE It COULD HAPPEN// Work Was A MAJOR DISTRACTION// So He QUIT DISPERSEDLY/ Whatever It TAKES, PERHAPS THEN// She'd Become The Only Light LEFT In His LIFE/ Since The SPLIT From His WIFE/ Trying To Sleep Through The STRESS In The NIGHT/ He Ducked Out Before Her DUE DATE// Thought It Was TOO LATE// But Now He Finds Himself Standing Outside Their NEW PLACE/
Lotus Verse:
And Ever Since His First BIRTHDAY/ He Never Seen His Father Who Always WORK LATE/ Come Home Licking The PLATE/ Then Off To BED/ Moms Got No Attention, Sick Of His Shit And LEFT/ Not That She FELT// He Wasn't A Good PROVIDER/ It Was More About How He Was A Selfish LIAR/ His BELT DEALT FIRE/ After A Few Drinks Of WHISKEY/ Not LUCID// Becomes ABUSIVE// And TIPSY/ They MADE An ESCAPE At A LATER DATE, SPLIT/ Young Boy Says To His Mother "I HATE THIS/ I Hate You! Why Did You Take Me From DADDY?"/ "Because He Sleeps On A Bench Seat In The Back Of The CADDY"/ Years Had Passed, Moms Thinks He'd FORGOTTEN/ One Night Pretends To Sleep, Playing POSSUM/ Contempt For His Mother, He Seemed To BLAME HER/ Outside Pop's Window, Two Kids And A STRANGE GIRL/
Track Name: Lone Wolf (Feat. Stranded)
Stranded Verse:
He Was All Alone Or SO He THOUGHT/ An Entire World BELOW His SKULL/ MILLENNIA// Ago PANGAEA// Began To FLOAT APART/ But Despite That DISTANCE// Those He Now KNOWS ABROAD/ Are There WITH HIM// Even THOUGH They're NOT/ The Bond That Music Forms SPANS INFINITY/ TRANSCENDS PROXIMITY/ He's By Himself, But Not Alone; Paradoxic CHEMISTRY/ Brotherhood Merges Germany, Canada And In Between; They Share Common INTERESTS/ People Who Constitute His SIBLINGS/ They Give Him Reasons To Want To Leave The Solitude He LIVES WITH/ Much Like A Star He Roams Planes Largely UNOCCUPIED/ But Just As Far// As Those STARS// Are NOT COMBINED/ He Takes A Step Back And Counts The Stars ACROSS The SKY/ There Are Many, But When You FOCUS/ MICROSCOPIC/ The Rest LIE// OUTSIDE// The OUTLINE// Of What You Decided To NOTICE/ He LEARNS His LESSON/ For Humble INCURS ACCEPTANCE/ While PRIDE// Can BLIND// The Stubborn And BLUR The MESSAGE/ That's Not To Say That Such Mistakes Would Not RECUR They're EXPECTED/ He's Always BEEN ALONE/ So Despite His New Family Spread Across This SPINNING GLOBE/ A Certain Degree Of Isolation Is STILL HIS HOME/
SG Verse:
A Lone Wolf Who ABANDONED The PACK/ He Went In, Head First Without A PLAN Of ATTACK/ He Had MANAGED To STACK/ About A GRAND In A SACK/ Buried Deep In Some SAND In A BURLAP/ Behind The Abandoned Building Where The LAND Had COLLAPSED/ It Was The DAY/ He RAN AWAY/ Unsure Of Where He Would HAVE To STAY/ But THAT'S The BREAKS/ He Didn't Believe In The Words He'd HAVE TO SAY/ "I'M SORRY"// Would Have Been End Of STORY// The Weather Added To This SAD DISPLAY/ Never Again Would He Ever Look His DAD In His FACE/ He Was Quick Witted, But He Had An Even FASTER MOUTH/ So-Called Friends BECAME// ESTRANGED// When He ASKED To CRASH The COUCH/ "You're A Useless BASTARD NOW"/ Someone They Would LAUGH ABOUT/ It Got To The Point Where It Was Well PAST A DOUBT/ That All Of His Luck, At LAST, RAN OUT/ His Funds EVAPORATED LIKE WATER/ He Took Refuge At The Condemned Building, Sleeping In A DILAPIDATED CORNER/ Burning Junk Kept Him CAPTIVATED And WARMER/ Years Passed By As He Began PAN HANDLING/ But The SADDEST THING/ Was The Reflection Of His FACE// In The Loose CHANGE// His DAD Just HANDED HIM/
Track Name: The Lord Giveth, The Lord Taketh Away
Verse 1:
It Was The STRESS HE HATED/ Feeling Like He Couldn't Clean Up The MESS He CREATED/ A Topic BEST LEFT LESS DEBATED/ Told To Be LESS ABRASIVE/ His Wife Suggested Sensory DEPRIVATION/ She'd Been Told This Method Was Supposed To Be The SAFEST/ He Went In For A SINGLE SESSION/ Felt A TINGLE PRESENT/ From The Standing Hairs On The Back Of His FINGERS, STRESSING/ Displaying A WRINKLED EXPRESSION/ In The WAITING ROOM/ The Attendant BILINGUALLY ADDRESSED HIM/ She Walked Him To A VACANT ROOM/ He Hid The Fact That He'd Be SHAKING SOON/ She Had A Few Steps She Had To TAKE HIM THROUGH/ So He Listened Like A PATIENT DUDE/ But He Didn't Want To WAIT, IT'S TRUE/ He Entered The VESSEL In The CENTER/ Like An Unborn Child In The Warm Medium NESTLED In The PLACENTA/ His Mind WRESTLED With This ADVENTURE/ Before He Knew It, He Fought LESS THAN HE MEANT TO/ Without Any Immediate Influence He Stood Above The TRESTLE With The INVENTOR/
Verse 2:
His SPIRITUAL SAW/ His Stressors Taking A PHYSICAL FORM/ He Saw It ALL/ How Negative Energies Combined In CYCLICAL SCORN/ Along ELLIPTICAL HORNS/ To How The RESIDUALS BORN/ Sobbing In Naked Loneliness Blaring DIGITAL PORN/ He Felt How The MISERABLE MOURN/ Saw The Weathered Faces The DRIZZLE Had WORN/ After What Felt Like An Eternity, He Grew SICK Of The NORM/ Of Being CYNICAL And WITHDRAWN/ The Sharp Teeth Of RIDICULE BIT Off His ARM/ But He Picked Up The Pieces Exuding A CRITICAL CALM/ For The First TIME In His LIFE/ He's Able To RISE UP And FIGHT/ Became One With The SCIENCE Of SIGHT/ Revealed Unto Him: The GIANT Of LIGHT/ Full Of VIBRANCE, But RIGHT/ Then And There A Tremor Caused The EQUATOR To SHAKE/ CREATED A QUAKE/ Crushed Him Under The WEIGHT Of The PLACE/ We Heard He Lost Both His Legs LATER That WAY/ Alone In A Coma, LAY THERE For DAYS/ But I Guess The Lord Giveth And The Lord TAKETH AWAY/
Verse 3:
They Had Been Trying To CONCEIVE For MONTHS/ He Started Drinking More Than His Wife Even Though He Didn't NEED As MUCH/ How He Longed For A Son He Could FEED And TOUCH/ Sat There Thinking Of All The Things That He Could TEACH Him OF/ Doctors Said He CONGENITALLY STERILE/ And Even Though He Was STRONG, MENTALLY VIRILE/ He Was Devastated Leading To A LONG EVENTUALLY PERIL/ CRUSHING DEPRESSION/ Didn't Say MUCH IN CONFESSION/ His Heart TOUCHING AGGRESSION/ And Over STUFFED With REPRESSION/ You'd Say It Was BORDERLINE/ If You Ever SAW HIS MIND/ The Type Shared By The TORTURED KIND// Living In DISTORTED TIME/ He Was Up At UNUSUAL HOURS/ Obsessing Over Some DELUSIONAL POWERS/ Seems He Was CONFUSED And AFOUL/ Making It THROUGH The STRESS/ DOING HIS BEST/ But The Bourbon Stains That RUINED His VEST/ Continued To Fuel The Flames That GREW In His CHEST/
Verse 4:
It Had Now Been Over Three Years Since They Began TRYING TO CONCEIVE/ Felt Like His Unborn SEED/ Was Just DYING TO BREATH/ Frustrated At Work Clenching His TIE In His TEETH/ Struggling To Make His Quota; He Had To LIE And DECEIVE/ Another Late Night, Spilt The RYE On HIS SLEEVE/ Reckless Abandon, Driving Home TRYING To WEAVE/ When He Was Alone He Would CRY And Just GRIEVE/ He Worked For A Family Man Who Kept His EYE On His CHEESE/ Promised Her A GET AWAY/ They Had Seen BETTER DAYS/ She Ensured Him She Still Loved Him And That Love Would NEVER STRAY/ He Made A Fatal Mistake And Initiated A HEAD ON COLLISION/ Medics Thought He Was DEAD On ADMISSION/ Instead He FELL In REMISSION/ Luckily He Lost One Of His Eyes INSTEAD Of His VISION/ Woke Up To His Wife Sitting Next To His BED With A GLISTEN/ With Tears In Her Eyes, She Was MERRY With A SMILE/ As She Told Him She Was Now CARRYING His CHILD/
Track Name: Full Circle
Verse 1:
You Can Never Test My Mental In The WAR Of PATIENCE/ In My Mind I Incessantly Run Armed Raids With Military COORDINATION/ VIOLATION// Of HUMAN RIGHTS// Producing PUTRID SIGHTS/ Sleeping In The Trenches With The Rats, We RECOUP At NIGHT/ The TRUTH? I DIED/ They Saved My Memory To SALUTE My LIFE/ After I Was ORDERED To RUN/ Straight TOWARDS The GUN/ UNFAZED// The Bullets Just GRAZED// And Only SORT Of STUNG/ Until AN AWKWARD ONE/ CAUGHT My LUNG/ And I Was ALL BUT DONE/ It's MORBID SON/ Because I've Been Party To A LOT Of HORRORS/ But I Never Thought I'd See Today: The Day I FORGOT My SORROWS/ My HYPER SPIRIT/ Was Caged In A Shell Of CYBERNETICS/ A Nano Nuclear TYPE OF KINETICS/ My MIND And My GENETICS/ Preserved Within A Lutetium Frame, I Put ASIDE The ETHICS/ Don't DARE// COMPARE// Me To Other Soldiers Seems KIND Of PATHETIC/ Now I'm Running Under The COVER FIRE Of PAVE LOWS/ I Watch As Souls Leave Their Bodies Drowned In The MUDDY MIRES Dressed In PLAIN CLOTHES/ Embracing The BLOOD And FIRE With Their HALOS/ I Share An UGLY DESIRE With The Rest Of My STRANGE FOES/
Verse 2:
On My CHEST TWO MOUNTED/ F-TWO THOUSANDS/ Dripping In Blood Like I'm Standing To Close NEXT TO The FOUNTAIN/ Disable The ENEMY RADAR/ Numb On KETAMINE I STAY SCARRED/ It's Like There's TEN OF ME God, The Way I SPRAY HARD/ Sanctioned By A HIGHER AUTHORITY/ Baptized By FIRE In A SORORITY/ Where They CONSPIRE Against The MAJORITY/ Overhead AC ONE THIRTIES/ Leaving The PLACE CLEAN And Our GUNS DIRTY/ Don't Sleep, We ERASE DREAMS When We're UP EARLY/ HELL IS OUR HOME// Precision Air Strikes And PREDATOR DRONES// Is That The Burning Flesh Of A FRIEND OR A FOE?/ I Can DISCERN The SMELL/ Because I RETURNED From HELL/ With A BURNING SHELL/ COMPETITION// In OPPOSITION// Must Be DETERMINED To FAIL/ Even Though My Heart Pumps Mechanical Fluid That's Been WIRED Through A SYRINGE/ This Cold Shell Can't EXPIRE My DESIRE For REVENGE/ So Until I See The Gunner Who Got Me DRIPPING In RED/ I'm Going To Keep Looking Until I Stop THINKING I'm DEAD/
Track Name: Cannon Fodder
Verse 1:
The Name's BRUCE BANNON/ A Fucking LOOSE CANNON/ On Duty Rocking A ROOTS JACKET/ Plus His SHOES SLAMMING/ A Case Revolving Around A RECLUSE CABIN/ Where A Sour Deal PRODUCED STABBINGS/ The GRUESOME ASSASSIN/ Made Examples Out Of His Victims To REDUCE The DAMAGE/ The Place Looked Like Blood Was Splattered Over A BRUISED CANVAS/ Found An Abandoned CAR/ In The GARAGE/ A Mitsubishi MIRAGE/ "Looks Like We Got Ourselves A Killer At LARGE"/ WEBBING// The EVIDENCE// In An Informational BARRAGE/ Coffee Break, His Mind Forming A COLLAGE/ While He's At The Parlor For A MASSAGE/ HOLLOW INDEED/ Now FOLLOWING A LEAD/ Shining Like APOLLO With GREED/ Bitch Just SWALLOWED HIS SEED/ Ditched The Stolen Car After He Went And He PAWNED IT/ Now He's Rolling Around With About Two G's In His WALLET/ Worked With His Partner, WALLACE/ An Ex-ALCOHOLIC/ Who Was Still Clean, But Soon To Become His INFORMANT/
Verse 2:
They STOPPED BLOCKS/ From A Syndicated CHOP SHOP/ Found The Bodies Of Two TOP COPS/ On The Bathroom Floor With Their KNOTS CHOPPED/ Trying To Figure Out WHAT'S WHAT/ The Duo Jumping AROUND// TOWN// Like It's A Game Of HOP SCOTCH/ It's A Dirty Job, But Someone's Got To DO IT/ SCREW IT/ The Last CASE// They PLACED// The Suspect Down To His SEMINAL FLUID/ Exposing Bodily Oils When The Lab Puts CHEMICALS TO IT/ But The Guilty Party Remains Hidden Like A SENTINEL DRUID/ Info Comes In The Form Of An ANONYMOUS CALLER/ Traced To A Part Of Town SYNONYMOUS With SQUALOR/ A Few Words On A Big Case Made ALL Of IT SMALLER/ The Source Was Vocally Recognized As An ECONOMIST SCHOLAR/ Approached, Bannon Began DUMBING And SHUNNING Their EXPLANATIONS/ In A SUDDEN ESCALATION/ Clouds Of Smoke Or SOMETHING Began To INFEST The STATION/ As Masked Men Came GUNNING DRESSED As HAITIANS/ Wallace Made The CUNNING ESTIMATION/ That The Crook Behind The Whole Show Was The Same Man RUNNING The INVESTIGATION/
Track Name: Quiet Contemplation (Feat. Killer Falcon & Stranded)
SG Verse 1:
He Had An HONEST QUERY/ Decided To Make His Way Up To The MONASTERY/ Feared Being ALONE// But It Was NOT AS SCARY/ As The Implications Of The UNKNOWN// He STOPPED, But BARELY/ Discarded His PHONE// And Proceeded ATOP An AIRY/ Field AMONG The MOSSES/ Usually CLUNG To LOSSES/ But It Was A Time Of Change And He Had Just BEGUN The PROCESS/ Along The Trail He Saw A Monk Sitting In CONTEMPLATION/ Upon His ARMS WERE PAINTINGS/ The ART Was AMAZING/ With The CALMEST PATIENCE/ And The SMARTS Of The ANCIENTS/ He STARTED WAITING/ Saw A SERENE BREEZE// Shuffle Over The GREEN TREES// Grazed PRAYER WHEELS/ To The CHIRPS Of CICADAS// Carved In Gold Were RARE SEALS/ Denoting CERTAIN VEDAS// HIGHER STILL/ Passing A Pond Of LILY PADS// His Mind Tempered By His FIRE WILL/ Forgot What Made Him REALLY SAD// At LAST He REACHED/ The Mountain PASS, Then The PEAK// Looked Down Upon The Land Littered With The VASTEST CREEKS// He Observed His Reflection In A RIVER/ Seemed So Much CLEARER/ Than The Man In The MIRROR/ To HIMSELF// He FELT// He Had Been DELIVERED/
Falcon Verse:
Cloaked A Lone Poet, Wanders In The TREES/ Clutches Pen And Pad Dims A Glow Of TRANQUILITY/ Sense Of Purpose, Settles On A PATH Of LEAVES/ Cross Legged Posture, Ready For The MASTERPIECE/ In The GRASP Of PEACE/ He Opens Up The CHAKRAS/ Wrote His Finest Scrolls With Inspiration Of The FOREST/ Whispers Of A Redwood, Seep A SILENT WISDOM/ Soaks In Their Awareness, Heights REDEFINE His VISION/ A Conscious PRESENCE Found In EVERY SAPLING/ Among The Bees And Birds, CONNECTIONS EVERLASTING/ Discard Mental Barriers, Taken Off The MASKING/ Saw Life In Purest Form, Droplets Wash Away The FALLACY/ Hits A Blinding Light, Ascension Of DIVINE STRENGTH/ Inhales A TIMELESS BREATH/ Transcending LIFE Or DEATH/ The Unrefined Essence Beyond Flesh And BLOOD/ Found All Things Below Blends With Everything ABOVE/ Assertive Inner Peace, Temple Surging He OBSERVES/ Beautiful, A Moment Transcending All The Hell On EARTH/ Total Ego Dissolution As Nature He BECAME ONE/ Harmonious With All, Friction Less, The Inner SAGE SHONE/
SG Verse 2:
An Unassuming Lady Who Found Delight In The MUNDANE And GRANDE/ From A Cold Town In England, Preferred The SUN RAYS And SAND/ One DAY UNPLANNED/ She PAID A GRAND/ Found Herself On The Mexican Hills Looking Like WAVES In The LAND/ Back Home She Had A Mazatec Inscribed SWORD Of IRON/ FORTIFIED THEN/ Fully RESTORED Like ZION/ But It Was About MORE Than BUYING/ A COLLECTOR'S ITEM/ She Simply Had An Insatiable Curiosity FOR The MAYAN/ Said Her SIGHT Was SORE/ So She Could Skip The GUIDED TOUR/ Instead She Sneaked Down Some Pyramid Steps BEHIND The SHORE/ She TRIED The DOOR/ Stepped INSIDE With AWE/ Tears Streamed Down Her Face Like She Never CRIED BEFORE/ Saw Something Shining BESIDE The FLOOR/ She Almost Had A HEART ATTACK/ When She Realized It Was An ARTIFACT/ It Was Still SHARP IN FACT/ She Touched The Symbols CARVED IN BLACK/ And Thought What It Would Be Like If She BROUGHT IT BACK/ Both BOLD AND SHALLOW/ She Grabbed The BOW AND ARROW/ Standing Before A Statue Resembling A GOLDEN PHARAOH/ COLD AND NARROW/ Held It Tight Like How A BONE Holds The MARROW/ Knowing She'd Be Looking Upon It In Her HOME IN HARROW/
Stranded Verse:
While It's STRANGE/ What Many Consider Noise PERFORMS In A WAY/ That TELEPORTS Him AWAY/ All It TAKES/ Is A Yin And Yang SNAKE/ To Swirl With A CRANE/ And Something Goes ON IN His BRAIN/ He Grows Like Fast FORWARDING AGE/ And Presses Onward To Explore His Head's DORMANT REMAINS/ He Lights Up REGIONS// That Have Seldom SEEN THEIR// NEURON'S AFLAME/ His Sight Travels Beyond His Actual Eyes' NORMAL RESTRAINTS/ No Longer Held By The Force Field He ESCAPES/ And Vanishes Like A Man With A VORTICAL FACE/ Where He Arrives Is An INCORPOREAL PLACE/ Not Unlike Where Neo And MORPHEUS TRAINED/ AMORPHOUS TERRAIN/ That With Absence DISORIENTATES/ When He Leaves, His Memory Of BEFORE Is SO VAGUE/ All He Remembers Is It Exists Not The WORLD IT CONTAINS/ He Always Wonders Afterward What TORE HIM AWAY/ But Just The Knowledge That It Happened ENDORPHINS The PAIN/